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cottage 2

Traveling through the Vinales region of Cuba last January, I fell in love with this little cottage.  Imagine being able to walk 10 steps out your front door to pick ripe bananas!  It had a nice view of the valley, and was up on a rise where it could pick up a bit of breeze even on  the hottest and most humid of days.  Both the house and the land appeared to be well cared for.  The lawn was freshly mowed and the house looked like it had been painted pretty recently.

So many houses in this region had at least two rockers facing the road that I wondered if there was a local ordinance mandating matching rocking chairs on every front porch.  But look at the small windows, and remember that there’s no AC.  When the porch is in the shade, it’s likely to be the coolest place on the property, and definitely more comfortable than being indoors.

I think I could’ve whiled away an afternoon or three sitting in one of those rocking chairs, catching up on my reading, or visiting with a friend or neighbor, admiring the view and watching the shadows lengthen, waiting for the temperature to drop and the  light to soften in the evening so I could go do some more shooting.

It would’ve been a fine spot to sit and savor a refreshing daiquiri, or even a local cigar.  Vinales is one of the prime tobacco-growing regions of Cuba.

Yes, I’m thinking an afternoon spent in a pink wooden rocker on a shady porch, drinking an icy beverage made with local rum, occasionally savoring a few puffs on a locally grown and rolled stogie, and reading a good book–Hemingway?–would pretty much be heaven on earth.  I’m sure even Papa would approve.

Any takers?


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