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Car and Biker

After a fascinating and exhausing two days in Havana (that felt more like 20 due to lots of shooting and very little sleep) I went on to spend a couple of days in Vinales.   Having spent some time in the city, it was a refreshing change to get out into the country.  I took this image early one morning…you can see the shadows are still very tall.

The title “rush hour” is a bit tongue-in-cheek, as it didn’t really seem like that many people were rushing off to that many places, but I like the juxtaposition of the biker and the driver.  Since they were going up a slight grade, I had an extra second to compose the image, and was able to get into position while the bike was still ahead of the car.  After the car passed the bike, it was not longer as interesting an image, since we’d expect a car to move faster than a bicyclist.  It was just dumb luck that the biker happened to be smiling (as if he was winning the race) and the driver happened to not appear very happy about it.


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