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Carriage 2

I saw a number of these carriages in Havana.  It seems they’re mostly hired by tourists.  It was interesting for me to see how the coachmen spent their time in between fares.  The gentleman in the above image looks as though he’s ready to help you aboard and take off at a moment’s notice.  The gentleman in the image below looks as though he might want to finish his conversation with his buddies first.  In reality, though, I’ll bet each is as willing as the other to make some money.

I noticed the majority of horses in Cuba are smaller than American horses.  They’re also much thinner:  you can count the ribs on most Cuban horses.  Finally, I didn’t see any horseshoes.  Farriers must be scarce and/or expensive.

Notice the “catchbags” behind the horses.  What a great way to catch their “deposits” before they hit the street!

Carriage 1


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