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Shadow Man 2

Shortly after sunrise this gentleman was walking down the sidewalk in Havana.  I was drawn by the beautiful lighting on his skin, as well as the interesting shape his shadow made on the wall as he passed by…when a second man passed the first man and looked back at him, as if to try to figure out why Man #1 was being photographed…and Man #2 didn’t make it into the image, but his curious shadow did!

It looks to me like the two shadows are having their own conversation as the two men walk beside each other down the street.

Sometimes images just sort of compose themselves…you’re trying to get a particular image, and you get something else…not what you expected, but even better.  This was one of those serendipitous times.



  1. well spotted – great crop

    • Thanks Scott. 🙂

      I actually wanted a bit more of the shadow figure on the far right, but he was walking out of the frame. So it’s a bit tighter crop than I would’ve wanted in a perfect world…

      RPRT Photo

  2. Nice. Three people in the photo and only one is real.

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