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Sleeping Taxi Driver

I caught this “cabbie” catchin’ 40 winks in front of a busy sausage shop in Havana.  Pedal taxis are everywhere in Havana, and I frequently got asked if I wanted a taxi, because the cabbies probably couldn’t fathom why I would rather lug my massive camera bag around all day (PLUS the tripod mornings and evenings!) than get chauffeured in comfort to my destination.  I guess they didn’t know that during my long walks around Havana, the journey WAS the destination!

In fact, I couldn’t have gotten this shot of a cabbie taking a siesta on his taxi if I had been whizzing past him in another taxi.  And really, this is what I came to see and document:  how does a Cuban spend their day?

I can assure you that most Cubans don’t sleep the day away;  to the contrary, they are some of the hardest working and most industrious people I’ve ever seen.  And these cabbies are no exception;  they work darn hard for their money.  Their “cabs” can carry several people, and frequently do.  It may be hard to tell from this angle, but that seat can accommodate three adults…and one or two may be holding an infant or toddler in their lap…or their groceries!  I have a hard enough time pedaling myself around on my 20-something pound mountain bike.  I can’t imagine adding the weight of THIS bike, plus three more adults, their kids and their baggage!

Also, remember that it’s hot and humid in Cuba, even in January when I visited.  I can’t even imagine what July must be like!  When you see these guys sweating their way down the road, it makes spinning class look like a breeze!

As far as I know, the pedal cabbies work for themselves.  So this young man isn’t cheating anyone by taking a nap in the middle of the workday.  Most of his business is probably in the early morning, and then not until the late afternoon and evening.  And he has the advantage of being able to take his personal patch of shade everywhere he goes!  Kudos to him for seizing the moment, and resting up during the heat of the early afternoon in preparation for the late afternoon “rush.”

Ojala que tenga dulces suenos.  (I hope he has sweet dreams.)



  1. I was delighted to be nominated for the Shine On Blog Award from a fellow Capetonian today. In turn I have passed it on to eight of you whose blogs either delight or inspire me or both. Please see link for more information. Congratulations and regards, Karen

    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks so much for the nomination. I hope to “pay it forward” a bit later in the week. 🙂

      RPRT Photo

  2. Great picture!

  3. Thanks Brinnmar. 🙂

    RPRT Photo

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