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Havana painter 1

This is another person I spotted on an early (read:  predawn) walk through Havana.  This man was standing carefully balanced on the second to the highest step of a six-step a-frame ladder, painting the front of his apartment building.  I actually noticed his bright yellow shirt from about a block away.  Who wouldn’t have?  On closer approach, I could see that the yellow bucket and paintbrush were an almost perfect color match to his shirt.  I love the way the bright yellow stands out against the soft blue wall.

I noticed during my visit last month, and while looking at my images afterwards, that bright yellow is a popular clothing color in Cuba, among the men as well as the women.  It’s a color that not many American men would wear, but the Cuban guys pull it off with aplomb.  It happens to be a shade of yellow that looks fabulous against darker skin.  Someone with pale Caucasian skin would look putrid in this same shade!

I also love this gentleman’s pastel blue and lilac shorts (which harmonize wonderfully with the wall, did you notice?)  Again, not clothing colors most American dudes would select, but they look great on this guy, don’ t they?

So I realize that people don’t wear their best clothing for painting, but I was very happy with this gentleman’s wardrobe selection for the day.  I’m sure he put on old clothes that he didn’t mind getting paint-splattered, and didn’t give a moment’s thought to matching his shirt color to the color of his bucket and paintbrush, or the color of his shorts to the color of the wall, anticipating that an American photographer would come stumbling down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street before sunrise to take his picture.  Which makes this image that much more delightful to me.

Tomorrow:  a yellow outfit that will make this shirt PALE in comparison…

Havana painter 2



  1. Ha ha ha….. putrid in yellow…. that’d be me! lol

    • Me too, Brinnmar!

      I can sometimes pull off a very pale pastel yellow if I have a good tan. But I honestly don’t think I currently own a single piece of yellow clothing. It mostly makes me appear sickly and jaundiced. Not a sexy look! 😛

      RPRT Photo

  2. Beautiful! I wish this pasty white guy could pull off the bright yellow…

    • HB,

      I feel your pain. See my reply to Brinnmar, above. Yellow is not for me either…

      RPRT Photo

  3. nice post…..

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