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These are the hands of an elderly Cuban couple…and here are the faces that go with the hands.  Happy Valentine’s Day!




  1. Interesting couple, great photo!

    • Thanks Gail. They’ve been together a long, long time… 🙂

      RPRT Photo

  2. Look at all the life in those faces! Great photos, as always, thanks!

    • Thanks Antarabesque. 🙂

      A beautiful couple with so much written on their faces…

      RPRT Photo

  3. You have captured the couple in a lovingly way. I like both the close-up of hands as the touching portrait of the two of them. Beautiful, earthly colours.

    • Thanks, Munchow. So much of the focus of Valentine’s Day seems to be on young love. I wanted to show a couple who have obviously been together for many decades…

      I’m glad you like the images. 🙂

      RPRT Photo

  4. Beautiful! The pic with the two holding hands is powerful!
    And somehow, he does remind me of Bill Cosby 😉

    • Hi Charlie,

      Thanks for the kind comments. I like the hands too. 🙂

      Not sure if I see the same resemblance to Bill Cosby that you do, but that could be because I saw the gentleman live and in person, and you’re just looking at a two-dimensional image. I see some similarity in the hair and the shape of the nose in the image, perhaps, but there the resemblance ends for me. Eyes, eyebrows and lips are all very different.

      RPRT Photo

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