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Cuban Dancer

This beautiful young lady danced in the street, accompanied by spirited drumming and shouting.  Her group of dancers and drummers gave the observers a small glimpse into Santeria, the primary religion of Cuba.  In Santeria, ritualized dance known as “bembe” is a form of worship, and a means of connecting with the life-force energy or “ashe.”

Cuban Dancer 2-2



  1. Wow how cool love the swirls.

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    • Thanks Linda. I wish I had a video of the dancing. The stills capture the beauty, but not the frenetic energy of the dancers.

      RPRT Photo

  2. We didn’t see this. Thanks for showing it.

    • Hi Dave,

      There’s a street in Havana that is sort-of the “Santeria Street.” You can see the dancing in the street and shoot the dancers…for a fee, of course! And do a quick spin through the home of a practitioner, for an additional fee.

      I much preferred visiting the homes of some Santeros and Santeras (priests and priestesses) in the smaller towns and villages. These folks were the real deal, and it was an incredible opporunity to shoot them with their altars and all the accoutrements of their practice. They were very sweet and accommodating. Of course we gave them a “donation” for taking the time to pose for us, but I felt that was a “win-win” rather than a schlocky tourist rip-off.

      I’ll be posting those images in another week or two (at the rate I’m going!) so stay tuned.

      RPRT Photo

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