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Cuban car and building

Stroll through Havana and you’ll come upon scenes like this that make you do a double-take:  a car whose color so closely matches the color of the trim of the building it’s parked in front of that it looks like both were painted with the same paint.  Of course I know that building paint and auto body paint are made differently, but it sure looks to me like they could’ve both come out of the same can…




  1. Great colours. I sometimes wonder whether they might not be too fussy about what type of paint they use on their cars. The colour might be the deciding factor. A few of the cars that I saw looked as if they had been painted with a brush, rather than sprayed.

    • You’re right, Dave. I did see some cars that had brush marks on them, and a heavy coat of non-car paint holding the rusted steel and Bondo together.

      Most of the cars seemed to have regular car paint of varying qualities. Some seemed like a DIY job and others rivaled anything in a showroom or car show.

      The paint on the red car looks like car paint with a pretty smooth finish and decent shine. So I don’t think it’s literally the same paint that’s on the building trim, though it sure looks that way, doesn’t it?

      But I’m far from an expert in these mattters!

      RPRT Photo

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