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frozen lava

A very fast shutter speed (1/1,000th of a second!) freezes chunks of glowing lava in midair as they plunge towards the ocean.  The fast shutter also freezes the wave droplets as they hit the basalt cliff and fall back into the sea.



  1. How long were you able to watch this amazing show?

    • Hi Lyle,

      When I was shooting from the boat, probably around an hour. We got out to the flow in pitch darkness, and left immediately after sunrise.

      When I was shooting from the cliff, probably about two hours. I got out there again in pitch darkness, but continued shooting after sunrise since there was a fair amount of cloud cover and the light stayed nice and soft for almost another hour. I also wandered about on the lava shelf shooting the lava that was flowing higher up and not falling from the cliff and into the ocean.

      In three words: not long enough. I could do this every day!

      RPRT Photo

  2. Cool! (and hot)

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