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lava piles

Thick lava s-l-o-w-l-y oozes out of an opening in a cliff.  Gravity is inexorably pulling it towards the ocean below, but the lava takes its own sweet time.  It’s so viscous, sometimes big globs of it hang for several moments, seemingly suspended in mid-air, before slowly dripping and dropping down to the next landing zone.  In this lackadaisical manner, the lava lazily makes its way down to the sea.  It’s almost as if it knows the cool ocean water will quench its vibrantly glowing orange beauty on contact and instantly turn it into dull brown or black basalt rock, and it wants to remain in its lovely liquid state as long as possible.  Can you blame it?



  1. That liquid state is sure a lot more exciting than the solid state. Good photo and writeup.

  2. Thanks Lyle. I’ve got to agree with you. Though I’ve seen some really trippy solidified lava (basalt) in some absolutely amazing patterns and shapes. I’ll post a couple when I get done with this series…

    RPRT Photo

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