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Just in case I didn’t notice that I was driving through beautiful farming country chock-filled with photo-ops, the locals put up a sign.  Along with a reminder to not drive too fast so that I didn’t miss any.  Mighty thoughtful of them, I must say!

Stay tuned for some lovely images from north Washington in the days and weeks ahead…



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  2. Whhat a neat picture! It brought back a really fun memory of driving my father-in-law’s ancient old tractor (It was an old, smaller Alice Chalmers)… I think it’s top speed was about 8 mph. I was to drive the tractor in the Friday Harbor 4th of July parade. It was really fun.

  3. Hi Brinnmar,

    So I had to google Allis-Chalmers to educate myself on their products. Fortunately wiki has a good summary of their history.

    The most interesting thing I read is the following:

    “In 1959, a team led by Harry Ihrig built a 15 kW fuel cell tractor for Allis-Chalmers which was demonstrated across the US at state fairs. This was the first fuel-cell-powered vehicle.[7] Potassium hydroxide served as the electrolyte.[8] The original AC fuel cell tractor is currently on display at the Smithsonian.[8]”

    How cool is that, I ask you?!?!?

    A nice assortment of photos on google images as well. Perhaps your father-in-law’s model is among them?

    Funny you should mention Friday Harbor as I got to visit it for the first time last September. What a cool little town! Perhaps I’ll make it up there again for the 4th of July parade one year.

    Sort of in the same neck of the woods, I did get up to Gig Harbor for “Gig Harbor Days” last June. It’s a Gig Harbor house that graces my 07.04.12 post, in fact. It was decorated with red, white, and blue bunting for Gig Harbor Days, so I felt it was appropriate for July 4th.

    Thanks for your comments,
    RPRT Photo

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