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I’m going to take the liberty of very loosely paraphrasing a well-known line from Forrest Gump.  “A road trip is like a box of chocolates:  you never know what you’re gonna get.”

That’s one of the main reasons I love road trips, especially to places I’ve never been before:  the element of surprise.  I love not knowing what’s going to be around the next bend in the road, or in the next town.  Sometimes I’m delighted by what I find, and sometimes I’m disappointed, but if it’s the latter, then I just keep on driving!

So it was during a road trip last September in Washington state that shortly after sunrise I came upon a laundromat on the side of the highway in a small town.  The building itself was nothing to speak of…in fact, it was so nondescript that I didn’t even shoot it.

But coming out of the roof of said building were these six vent pipes all in a row.  I can only surmise that they vented the dryers of said laundromat.  They plunged through the roof and then curved back down, since the point was to remove the excess hot air and moisture from the building without letting the rain and snow fall down the pipes.

To me these pipes had the most surreal appearance, and I just had to stop and shoot them.  They looked like a row of massive metallic candy canes.  Or the fingers of a giant robot, curled at the tips as if trying to pull itself up through the roof of the building.  Or the antennas of some alien creature.

I love how the cold blue sheet metal reflects the warm pink glow of the sunrise.  I’m not sure that these pipes look as pretty at high noon on a summer day, reflecting the harsh glare of the sun.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that most people in town, or who drive by on the highway, consider them ugly, and don’t give them a second glance.

But to me, on that particular morning, and in that light, I thought they were beautiful and photo-worthy.

What a set of pipes!



  1. Very neat picture!!

  2. Thanks, Brinnmar. I wonder if anyone else has photographed these…

    RPRT Photo

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