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We may not think of pumpkins as items having a lot of texture, but these certainly do.  They’ve got deep grooves that make them look like old-fashioned pincushions, or those “pouf” things that double as ottomans and chairs.  Even the stems are extra thick and long and covered with little bumps and knobs.  These pumpkins are not just a visual treat, but also a tactile one.

The next time you see a pumpkin display, stop for about 30 seconds, close your eyes, and gently fondle the pumpkins.  See how they differ not just by appearance, but also by touch.  If you’re with someone else, here’s something to try:  close your eyes, have them hand you a pumpkin, feel it for about 30 seconds, give it back to your companion to put back on the display, and THEN open your eyes and see if you can pick out YOUR pumpkin.  Challenge your friend to do the same.  You can even make a wager on who will pick out “their” pumpkin the fastest.

You may get some weird looks, but you may also get some other people to join in the game.  Who knows, this could be the start of a new Halloween tradition, like bobbing for apples.  Just be nice and don’t hand someone a pumpkin bigger than they can comfortably hold and turn in their hands.  RPRT Photo is not responsible for bruised fingers, smashed toes and/or hernias.   Or for the mess you make if you accidentally drop a pumpkin on the floor.

Please fondle responsibly.



  1. oh! Great Food!
    I will try to caress a pumpkin!

    Italy is very sorry for everything that is happening in America.

  2. Hi Vento,

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. I’m not in a region affected by Sandy, and I’ve heard from my family and friends who are, and they’re all doing fine. But many are not as fortunate. My thoughts are with everyone dealing with the storm and its aftermath. Hang in there!

    RPRT Photo

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