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I love Autumn.  Somehow it seems to be the best season for photo ops.  Take pumpkins, for example.  Seems like every grocery store and produce stand and Farmers’ Market has them on display.  And is it my imagination, or are there more and more varieties every year?  When I was a kid, pumpkins were orange.  Not orange-yellow or orange-red, but just one shade of orange.  Period.

Fast-forward half a century or so, and now pumpkins seem to come in every color of the rainbow.  Variations of red, orange, yellow, green and white have become commonplace.

And not just the colors, but the sizes and textures have also gotten more diverse.  Pumpkins are no longer uniformly round or oval, but can dimpled or ribbed or even (pardon the pun) squashed.  They can have smooth skins, or be covered with “scabs” and “warts.”

Over the next week, I’ll be sharing some pumpkin and gourd images I took this year.  Get out and make your own images before they’re gone.  Pumpkins and gourds remain on display and for sale up to Thanksgiving, but it seems like the best variety is found before Halloween.

You’ve only got one week left…what’re you waiting for?



  1. Beautiful blend of colors and texture

  2. This is my favorite season. My husband and I were just at Trader Joes a couple of days ago, and the variety of pumpkins and gourds was really something. I’m looking forward to more of you beautiful photography!

  3. Hi B,

    Thanks, I’m glad you like my images. And funny you should mention TJ’s…some of my images came from there! 🙂

    RPRT Photo

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