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I came upon this pretty blue bug while I was driving the back roads of Washington state last month.  It was on an abandoned farm, and there were at least half a dozen other cars and trucks scattered about the field.  Unfortunately, they were all of too recent vintage for my liking…except for this bug.  The way the grasses and weeds had grown up around it made it look like it was sinking into the earth.

I shot it just as I found it;  I didn’t get closer than maybe about 10′.  The door and the hood had been left open by someone else.  (Most of you probably know that the engine compartment on a bug is in the rear.)  I didn’t want to trample down any of the weeds around it and leave an imprint, so I approached from the angle I knew I wanted to shoot it from, and left the way I had come.

To emphasize the pretty blue paint on the body, as well as to make the busy background less obvious, I desaturated all the other colors.

I wish I could come back and shoot it in the wintertime, with a pretty frosting of snow on it.  But it’s’ just too far away for a winter road trip for this (mostly) fair-weather photographer.  For now, the snow-capped bug will live only in my imagination…



  1. It’s ok in the blog!!!

  2. Great title

  3. I love how you removed the other colors to make the blue stand out.
    The open door makes me wonder what happened when the last person left the premises. In a hurry? Didn’t care? Arms were full? There’s a story in there!

    • Thanks Denise. You raise some good questions. And I might add: why is it the passenger side door that was left open, and not the driver’s side?

      Inquiring minds want to know….

      RPRT Photo

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