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There’s something about this image that makes me snicker…the funny weeds, one straight and tall, the other identical, yet strangely curvy…and the fact that they appear to be as tall as the building.



  1. What a great shed. And the two “weeds” set it off so well. I really like this shot. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks James. This is one of those shots where “there’s just something about it.” I’m glad you like it.

      Unlike during most of my back road photography, when I may not see anyone for hours, a car actually passed by right as I was crouched in the weeds on the side of the road making this shot. (I had to get down low to line up the weed blossoms with the shack.) I can’t help wondering what they thought…

      RPRT Photo

  2. Well taken and well titled. Thanks!

    • Thanks. It’s good to be silly a little…or a lot!

      RPRT Photo

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