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This barn has a lot of character.  Besides being old and weathered, it has generous fenestration…

Whoops, did I just lose all but my architect readers?  Fenestration is a fancy word which simply refers to the openings in a structure.  Doors, windows and skylights are all examples of fenestration.  And this barn has more openings on the front than I think I’ve ever seen on a barn.  It has (or had, since all have been closed or boarded up) at least a dozen openings over the years, and that’s just on the main part of the building, not counting the side buildings.

To me, this is evidence that it was once a very useful structure.  Once upon a time…

Now it sits abandoned and unused, boarded up, unmaintained, deteriorating, sporting a real estate sign (a sign of hope that the new owner may restore it, or a sign of despair that the new owner may tear it down?) and–further indignity!–graffiti.

Now I’ve seen some beautiful graffiti, but this is just plain old “tagging,” which takes no skill or artistic talent whatsoever.  Furthermore, it’s incongruous on an old wooden structure like this with so much character.

Clearly this old barn’s heyday–or should I say “hay day?”–has come and gone.

It’s a barn at the wrong time.



  1. You didn’t lose those who have studied Eastern European history, where there was a practice dating back to the 1400s of removing rivals using a process called defenestration. Yes, they would throw them out of the windows!

    • Thanks Mike. I did a little research on DEfenestration after reading your comment. Seems a number of famous and infamous people–and at least one of their pianos–have been DEfenestrated over the centuries.

      Can’t we all just get along?

      RPRT Photo

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