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If you saw the last two posts (“Sunrise Silhouette” and “Sunrise Silhouette II”) then you know that we’ve just gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, as they say.  The other two posts showed a kingfisher and two ravens, respectively, perched on this same lamp-post and silhouetted against a soft orange pre-sunrise sky.

Fast-forward a few minutes…the sun rose, and the heron commandeered the perch.  Not too many birds will tussle with a great blue heron, though I understand that a great horned owl will take one on and come out the victor.

The heron had already been fishing, and it picked out a prime spot in the early morning sunlight in which to preen.  I got a number of shots of it performing its morning ablutions.  In some it looks graceful, and in others merely silly.

I chose silly as a counterpoint to the more serious posts of the past few days.

Oh, and in case you weren’t subjected to the torture of high school French, as I was, “Le Penseur” translates to “The Thinker.”  The heron’s pose in this image reminded me of the famous statue by Rodin.



  1. is delicate photo….

    • Hi Vento,

      It’s interesting that Great Blue Herons are at the same time both large and gangly, as well as graceful and dainty. Not to mention both regal and silly, as in this image.

      I love duality! 🙂

      RPRT Photo

  2. That’s one popular perch.

    • It was a very popular perch indeed, Lyle. I think it’s because it was the only place for a bird to alight that wasn’t connected to the pier, so they felt safer there. And that made it easier to approach the birds from the pier since they knew people couldn’t get to them.

      RPRT Photo

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