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I’m thinking one way of measuring time out in the country might be “roof time.”  How long does it take the original wood shingle roof on a barn to weather, get covered with comp shingles, and then have those comp shingles weather to the point where the original wood shingles are again exposed?

I have no idea.  20 years?  40?  A generation per roof layer?

How many roofs will a solidly built barn see in its lifetime?  And if the roof is kept water-tight, will the barn last indefinitely?

I don’t have the answers to any of these questions.  All I know is it made a cool textural image.

How long will a barn roof last in the Palouse?

Anyone know?



  1. Great rhythm!

  2. Visual effect created by both layers is really nice! I like how old things sometimes ‘make a fierce comeback’ over inappropriate stuff used as a cover.

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