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There’s a saying that luck favors the prepared.  So when you’re driving some country back roads–in this case, in the Palouse region of eastern Washington–and a handsome horse ambles over to the fence to say hello…well, it would’ve been rude to just keep on driving.

When the same horse lines himself up with the stable and quaint weathered silo just behind him, looks right at you, and even puts both ears forward (mandatory in horse portraits, in case you didn’t know)…well, you know the photo gods are smiling down on you from the rainy heavens, and you’ve just GOT to memorialize the moment.



  1. You’re right, how could you say no to a situation like that? Of course, you just happened to have your camera with you and it just happened to be ready for shooting. I think your first sentence says it all.

    • Hi Mike,

      Interestingly, I took some shots of the horse without the buildings in the background, as well as some shots of the buildings without the horse in the foreground, and none of them worked as well as that one image I posted that had both elements. Which I guess proves that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

      I keep my camera literally within arm’s reach when I’m on a photo road trip, but I can’t count the number of times I either had a wide-angle lens on ready to shoot landscapes and came upon a great wildlife photo-op, OR had the telephoto lens on ready to shoot wildlife and came upon a lovely landscape. It’s almost as though the Photo Gods have a perverse sense of humor…

      Or maybe they’re telling me I need to invest in a second camera body? 😉

      RPRT Photo

  2. …splendido!!!
    ops: beautiful very very….
    🙂 vento

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