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Sometimes when you’re out for a drive in the country, a photograph just seems to present itself.  That was the case on this particular day when I was driving the back roads of the Palouse region in eastern Washington.

This image was taken right from the side of the road.  The fence provided a nice foreground, and repeats twice more in the background.  The barn is framed by the fences and the road.  The hills repeat a number of times as you look towards the horizon.  The fences, road and hills form an interesting “Z” pattern that draws you from the foreground through the image, to the barn, and on past it into the distant hills.

Many people would be happy with this image.  And I’m one of them.  However, in my book, it’s not a “10.”

What would I change, if I could?

  • the lighting (I was glad the rain stopped–nay, overjoyed–but golden light, or storm light, would’ve been ideal.  The lighting, though not mid-day harsh, is a tad flat.)
  • the sky (Blue’s nice–better than white–but also bland and boring.  Some puffy white cumulus, or even dark storm clouds, would add interest.)
  • delete the utility pole, and maybe the small outbuilding to the left of the barn as well (Do you want a documentary image, or an artistic one?)
  • use a smaller aperture for greater depth of field (This was shot at f 8, and while the fence is sharp, the barn is a bit fuzzy for my taste.)

I know I’m being picky here, but that’s how one becomes a better photographer, by always striving for perfection.  The lighting and sky were what I had to work with.  Short of waiting several hours for sunset (and chancing more rain), it had to do.  Same with the sky. It was what it was.

I can always edit out the utility pole and the outbuilding if I decide they really bug me.  And as for the aperture, too late.  Mental note to keep it in mind next time.

I give this an “8.”



  1. hello! You are a marvel!
    is a perfect picture.
    I miss you photos!
    🙂 vento

    • Hey Vento,

      Thank you. I’ll be happy with my “8” as long as you think it’s a “10.” 😉

      I love your images, they have so much emotion in them (as do your words). Both are beautiful.

      RPRT Photo

      • Not that it matters, but it is still if you are a woman or a man!
        Do not be offended if I think you’re fantastic photographer woman!
        Or not?
        🙂 ciao!

      • Ciao Vento!

        I am not at all offended that you think I’m a “fantastic photographer woman.” I take that to be a high compliment. 🙂

        And conversely, I hope you won’t be offended when I tell you that when you first started commenting on my posts, I thought you were a fantastic male poet. And I pictured you with black hair, no less!

        Oh how wrong I was!

        RPRT Phoot

      • wow … beautiful this exchange of identity!
        I man? I’d love to!
          I think at this point the photograph has no sex
        but only a sensitive soul.

  2. I think you’re being a bit hard on yourself. I love the composition and I’d give it a 10!

    • Bonjour, Montagnarde!

      Merci beaucoup. Yes, I was being quite the obsessive perfectionist, as I always strive to improve my images. But overall, I do like that image. And I’ll graciously accept your “10” rating. 🙂

      RPRT Photo

      PS I love your sheep images. They positively GLOW!!!

  3. That is the picture perfect farm! Beautiful.

    • Thanks, Robyn. I want to think I did it justice! 🙂

      RPRT Photo

  4. It’s a lovely picture. The farm building looks like the sort you’d get in children’s toy sets 🙂

    • I know what you mean! I used to have a set of those little plastic farm animals…

      RPRT Photo

  5. I love it! The alternating lines of fence give the image movement. Great shot.

    • Thanks. 🙂

      I love the lines of the fence as well, and the way it adds depth to the image…

      RPRT Photo

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