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Fun patterns are made in the wheat crops that cover the hills of the Palouse.  The warm sidelighting emphasizes the furrows of the plows and the tracks of the machinery.  I love how the planting patterns accentuate the topography.



  1. Love the simple and flowing lines in this photograph, thanks for sharing

    • Thank you. My favorite landscape images of the Palouse are the ones that play up the curves of the hills. Crops aren’t planted, tended and harvested in a grid pattern here the way they are in flat farmland. I like when the agriculture is in harmony with the land like this.

      RPRT Photo

  2. Beautiful scene…. So very calming!

    • Thanks FG. It was quite serene on a (mostly) rainy day in the Palouse. I lucked out and got a bit of sunshine late in the afternoon when I took this image. Hoping to be able to catch the tail end of the harvest this year for some not-so-calm images as well….

      RPRT Photo

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