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Unlike the barn in yesterday’s post, this one did not meet as kind a fate.  Rather than getting a new roof and a new lease on life, it was abandoned and eventually succumbed to a sad combination of neglect and one too many Palouse winters.

Amazingly, the ground floor walls, at least on these two sides of the barn, are almost perfectly intact.  Even some glass defiantly remains intact in some of the window panes.

This end of the barn doesn’t look too bad, although the roof is another matter.  But I must admit that I like the pattern the boards make with the sunlight coming through, and the fact that you can see through the roof to the hillside behind the barn.

The far side of the barn shows the roof actually resting on the ground.  This is my favorite view of the barn.  The roof appears to have been literally ripped in half.  The storm light in the image below adds a melancholy feel.  A stately structure that once stood proudly among these vibrant green fields is slowly disintegrating.  In a few more years, it will be nothing more than a pile of old boards.  But for now, at least to me, it remains beautiful.



  1. I like the way that in the first photo, the dip in the roof is matched by a dip in the horizon beyond. Nice photos of a great subject.

  2. These are fantastice, I love the textures, the play of light through the slats, the variations in colour. Thanks so much!

    • Thank you.

      It’s a beautiful barn. I’m sure it was lovely when it was new, and it still has so much grace even as it collapses…

      RPRT Photo

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