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I was intrigued by this barn in the Palouse for several reasons.  For one, it’s a cool design with the half-circle roof shape.  I would think this design would maximize storage space in the loft area.  I don’t remember seeing many other barns shaped liked this during my travels.

Another thing that caught my eye is that the barn definitely has some years on it.  I love the way the wood has weathered on the back of the building.

And I’m a sucker for diamond-shaped windows…

But the feature I found most intriguing is the fact that a new metal roof was installed right over the old shingled roof.  Look closely at the lowest edge of the roof, and you’ll notice the old weathered wood shingles peeking out!

So this barn isn’t going to win a lot of style points, but nevertheless I’m thrilled that the owner(s) invested in a new metal roof which will help preserve this cool old building for many more years in this harsh climate.  Too many neat old barns in this region, and all around the country, have been neglected and allowed to collapse.

So I’ve got just two words for the owner(s) of this barn:  thank you!



  1. She reminds me of a sway-backed horse. 🙂

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