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This old Chevy truck was sitting behind the schoolhouse featured in yesterday’s post.  A brief (lucky) splash of sunshine in the midst of a rainy day did much to brighten the colors in the above image.  Note the ubiquitous rain clouds in the background.  The blues, greens and yellows in this image harmonize nicely.  Like the schoolhouse, the truck also sits in the midst of a debris field.  Since there was no way to get a clear image of the sunny side of the truck without trespassing–something I manage to avoid most of the time–I decided that the equipment surrounding the truck would be part of the picture.  It, too, tells a story.

The image below was taken just a few moments after the one above, but notice how much softer and more muted the light became.  That, combined with the shallower depth of field, the blurred foreground, and the exaggerated perspective of shooting UP at the truck gives this image a dreamlike and more surreal look.

One pickup, two very different views.  Which do you prefer?



  1. I always wonder about their stories, who owned them, where they travelled, the work they did…

    • Me too!

      I’m pretty sure this was a hard-working farm truck, but did it get to go to town on Saturday night? Or church Sunday morning? Or on a road trip to a neighboring state?

      Inquiring minds want to know…

      RPRT Photo

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