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I love how getting some altitude changes the look of the land.  The first couple of days I spent shooting in the Palouse late last Spring were rainy and dismal, and most of my shooting was of buildings and animals just off the numerous back roads that criss-cross this rural area.  As soon as it looked like I might have a bit of a weather window, I headed for one of the buttes that dot the region.  It’s amazing how just getting a few hundred feet of altitude changes the look of the land.

What I like about this image is the contrast of the curvy patches of land and the way the farming accentuates the topography compared to the abrupt straight line that bifurcates the image (accented with utility poles, no less)!

Add some wild grasses in the foreground, and some distant blue ridges and sky in the distance, and you have a crazy quilt image.



  1. Your photo reminds me of the Tuscan hills.
    Very impressive …. always a lot of wind and peace.
    Beautiful landscape.
    congratulations … it’s a joy to come here.

    • Hi Vento,

      Plenty of wind in the Palouse too, at least while I was there. And very peaceful too, thought that could’ve been due to the weather. Cold, rain and wind may have been keeping many people indoors who would’ve otherwise been out and about. But I was happy to have the place (almost) to myself….

      RPRT Photo

      PS I’m long overdue to return to Italy, Tuscany, etc. It’s been 30 years since I’ve been to Europe….

  2. When I first opened this page and looked at the image I thought you had used four different images and joined them together. What an amazing landscape. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

    • Hi Meanderer,

      It’s all one image. In fact, like so many of my Palouse shots, it was taken from the side of the road! I had a tele-zoom lens set at 150 mm, so that accounts for some of the compression of the foreground and the background. This is just a naturally trippy landscape! 🙂

      RPRT Photo

  3. So lovely.

    • Thank you. The Palouse is such a beautiful region. I never get bored shooting there!

      RPRT Photo

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