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I’m not sure what this building gets used for.  There’s another house on this property, and a barn.  I’m guessing perhaps it’s a shop or a storage shed.  It’s had a little bit of modernization, at least to the windows and the chimney.  But the roof could use some work, and the walls could stand another coat of paint or three.  Although if this building was in perfect condition, I may not have deemed it photo-worthy.  Its age and the fact that it’s in need of some “deferred maintenance” is part of its charm.

In the image above, the tall grass and weeds that have been allowed to grow up around this building also suggest that it isn’t being used much.  They echo the neglect seen on the walls and window trim.

Below is a close up of the wall just below the roof.  I love the contrast in textures between the smooth weathered wood and the peeling and curling old paint.  If this wall was patched and freshly painted, it wouldn’t make as interesting an image…to me, at least.

Despite that, I hope this building continues to be maintained and used.


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