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“It’s okay, guys.  Go ahead and sleep.  I’ll take the first watch.”

In my imagination, that’s what the horse that’s sitting up seems to be saying to his sleeping companions.  This was taken early on a drizzly morning in the Palouse, and I guess the equine buddies were feeling lazy.  Horse people will tell you, it’s rare to see these guys completely sacked out like this.  And they were unconcerned about me pulling over on the road to photograph them.

I also got a kick out of the fact that just as in the “Seeing Double” post from July 26, 2012, the two horses on either end are in the same position.

I hope they had a good nap.  I had a lot more shooting to do that day, so I left them to their slumber and continued on down the highway.  As you know, it’s always best to let sleeping horses lie.



  1. Let me repeat …
    are unique and fantastic photos. Through you I see a world that otherwise would not see!
    Thanks to these emotions,
    and continues to thrill me so!
    :- vento

    • Thanks Vento.

      It’s gratifying to know you enjoy my view of the world. 🙂

      RPRT Phtoto

  2. Wonderful shot! You can only imagine his comments!

    • Thanks USB,

      All three of these horses seemed so comfortable and peaceful. Beautiful animals in a beautiful setting…

      RPRT Photo

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