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This is the Dahmen Barn that is surrounded by the wheel fence featured in the July 18, 2012 post titled “What A Set Of Wheels!”  The barn was built in 1935 on a dairy farm in Uniontown, WA.  It has since been restored and converted to an art studio and shop that houses dozens of artists on three floors.  The barn looks the same as it did from the exterior, except that (I’m guessing) some windows have been added and/or moved.

I love the contrast of the straight lines and right angles with the curves in this image, and the multi-sided roof on the adjoining silo.  And the little window dormer in the roof is very sweet.

Notice how the overhang on the roof mimics the roof overhang in the first image.  Details like this just tickle me.  Also notice that the wheel on the weather vane echoes the wheel fence down below.  Which is understandable, since Steve Dahmen, who constructed the wheel fence, also fashioned the weather vane.  I would wager that the weather vane does double-duty as a lightning rod.

This is the rear of the above image (notice Mr. Rooster has done a 180), so you don’t get to see the roof overhang that’s on the front, but you do get a more pleasing perspective of the weather vane silhouetted against the stormy sky.

The above image shows the back of the barn and the adjoining silo. Notice that all three doors (#3 is partially hidden, to the right of the silo) are constructed the same.  How cool is that?

I guess these are the doors that got locked after the proverbial horse–or in this case, dairy cow–got out.


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