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…on the other side of the fence.  Or so the adage goes.  This horse is certainly a believer.  I watched it for quite a while, and it spent the entire time craning its neck as far over the fence as it could reach to munch on the tall, lush grasses growing there.

I’m curious if they truly tasted better and/or were more nutritious than the grass growing in its pasture, or if it was simply the allure of the grass being harder to get to that made it seem more desirable.  But since it wasn’t Mr. Ed, and I’m not Dr. Doolittle, I couldn’t ask it directly.

Then I got to thinking if we aren’t sometimes like this horse, always in search of greener pastures, and overlooking the treasures that are right at our hooves…er, feet.

Something to ponder when I lie in bed tonight!


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  1. is very sweet …..
    I like… ♥

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