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Continuing on my soggy sojourn through the Palouse, I came upon this funky barn and its four-legged residents.  They had more sense than the humans that day, since two out of three stayed smartly indoors.  I guess that’s the reason they call it “horse sense.”

It was raining fairly heavily, so my camera and I stayed dry in my car.  These guys were on a pretty busy road, and I had to park on the opposite side, so I was shooting images in between passing cars and trucks.  Thank goodness for telephoto lenses…and power windows!  Both got a good workout on this shooting trip that packed a week’s worth of rain into six days…

I guess the horse below had had enough of being cooped up and went out for some air while its buddy the mule stayed inside the dry barn. But all three definitely seemed to enjoy staying aware of the goings-on out on the road.  They watched my every move with interest until I drove off.  Probably wondering why a crazy human would be out and about on a day like this…


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