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Whaddaya do after you and your buddies have drunk a case of Coors (or three) and tipped every cow in the county?  Why, go shoot up the signs along the road, of course!

I counted about two dozen bullet holes in this one sign.

Here’s the back of it.  I guess the front makes a more pleasing target, since that’s the direction most of the bullets came from.  If you look closely, however, you can see that the sign was also shot several times in the back, but with a smaller caliber gun who’s bullets  just left little divots but didn’t penetrate the metal.  Hmmm, was there one gunman, or two?  If two, were they there at the same time, or did they each shoot the sign independently of the other?

And ironically, just a little ways down the road past the shot-up sign I found this one.  Doesn’t look like it’s doing much good, does it?  By the way, do you see any bullet holes in it?



  1. It seems to be the same anywhere in the world where guns are freely allowed. I’m glad you took no notice of the last sign.

    • Hey BB,

      Just for the record, I didn’t shoot up the sign. My idea of fun with a gun is going out into the desert and shooting at old cans and bottles with a .22 pistol. And I would never dream of defacing government property! I guess I’m kind of befuddled as to why folks feel the need to shoot at signs. But they obviously do. As you pointed out, it’s a wide-spread phenomenon.

      But this was the first time I saw a “No Shooting” sign close to signs that had already been shot up, and I found it quite ironic. And it’s no doubt only a matter of time before the “No Shooting” sign is riddled with bullet holes as well. Which leads me to believe that perhaps there was a better use for the taxpayers’ money in that region than putting up a useless “No Shooting” sign in the first place.

      RPRT Photo

      • Sorry. I should have been clearer and said “I’m glad you took no notice with your camera”. I didn’t mean to offend.

      • Hi BB,

        No offense taken, but thanks for clarifying. I thought I knew what you meant (and I was right) but I wanted to be clear for anyone else who may be reading our comments and misunderstand.

        And indeed, could the “No Shooting” sign have been meant for photographers, i.e., no shooting photographs? In that case, I did break the law! 😉

        Mea culpa,
        RPRT Photo

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