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When rain falls on a purple flower, it becomes purple rain, does it not?

I love shooting flowers with raindrops or dew on them.  To me they just look so much more alive.

Yes, I know the trick of spraying dry flowers with a mist bottle, except that I don’t, because then they look like they were sprayed with a mist bottle.  The droplets have a certain phony uniformity to them.  Pros can tell the difference.

The wonderful thing about shooting flowers in Seattle is that the idea of having to mist them never even pops into one’s mind.  They are quite often wet with genuine rain.  And if you time it right, you can go shoot right after a downpour, have wonderful wet, vibrant flowers for a few minutes, and still keep your camera equipment dry.  The best of both worlds!



  1. gorgeous! theres somethin appealing about raindrops on flowers 🙂

  2. is fantastic photo!

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