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The last couple of posts featured flowers, and so will many more, so I thought I would give leaves a nod. Leaves always seem to take a supporting roles in images of flowers. (Okay, technically it’s the stems that support the flowers, but we’re talking art here, not botany.) The flowers always take center stage, and the leaves just kind of fill in the dead spots. In these two images, I chose three leaves in each and made those leaves the subject of the images.

In the above image, it looks to me like the leaves are drowning in a sea of flowers. A few little green tips vying for attention in that mass of pink. Putting the leaves in sharp focus, and blurring out almost all the flowers draws attention to the leaves, as does the fact that they’re such a starkly contrasting color. Further, the fact that the three green leaves are so similar in shape, size and color to each other when nothing else in the image “matches” helps to make them the focal point.

The image below also emphasizes the leaves over the flowers, but in a different manner. There, it’s the bright green leaves that boldly take center stage, and the soft pastel lavenders and yellows of the flower play a supporting role, even though the iris blossom is centered in the image. This time, it’s the flower vying for attention amid all those leaves.

The point where the three green leaves criss-cross directly in front of the flower is where your eye keeps coming back in this image. It’s the sharpest point of focus, and your eyes follows the leaves up or down from that point, only to return to it over and over again. Notice that the blossom is just the slightest bit out of focus. That too tells you that it isn’t the subject of this image.

By the way, I didn’t do any “arranging” of the leaves or flowers in either of these images. That isn’t my style. I simply placed my camera where things “lined up” the way I wanted them to. That isn’t possible with every image you want to take, but it worked very well for these two.

So the next time you’re shooting flowering plants (notice I didn’t say flowers), see if you can give the leaves a fair shake in at least a few of your images. It’ll make for a more interesting image than just flowers and nothing but flowers.




  1. . are beautiful, and beautiful is your reflection on the leaves … I really like.
    great job!
    clik the green
    wind ♫

  2. You are a trippy photographer, you that that right 😉
    Livin the textures in your photos.. I’m gettin lost in them! 🙂

  3. Superb and original composition with the first image.

  4. You’ve made agood point here. Thanks.

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