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Of the various birds and animals that are adept at hiding themselves in the wild, you wouldn’t think peacocks would be among the top contenders.  Perhaps  chameleons or octopi or some type of lizard or reptile or fish, but certainly not one of the showiest birds in the animal kingdom.  So imagine my surprise when I noticed this peacock “hiding” in the bushes.  Honestly, when he held still, he was all but invisible.  Notice how his tail feathers blend into the foliage.

There’s also a peahen in the lower right of the image.  You can see her brown tail feathers, which don’t look too much unlike a rock at a distance, as well as a tiny bit of her blue neck, which is paler and less iridescent than the peacock’s.

I’m not sure why these two birds felt like hiding, since they were in an area free of predators.  Perhaps it’s a survival mechanism.  Perhaps they like to alternate between being the center of attention, then switching to stealth mode.  Or perhaps they like the idea of keeping photographers up at night, wondering about the birds’ strange habits.

Mission accomplished!



  1. Oh those crafty birds!! Great photo.

    • Thanks Cindi. I’ve never seen peacocks behave like that. Their heads and necks were sticking up like periscopes from that sea of foliage!

      RPRT Photo

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