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Deer are not dear to everyone.  It seems most people either love them or hate them.  They’re either beautiful, elegant, gentle forest creatures a la Bambi, or uber-herbivores that clean out your flowers beds…and sometimes stealthy ninjas that leap in front of your car at night without warning.

Perhaps all three viewpoints are correct.  They’re lovely to look at until they’ve eaten your prize roses and/or totaled your new pickup.  Then suddenly you contemplate expanding your diet to include venison stew….

I happen to like deer, but that could be because I’m not much of a gardener, and I seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to anticipating animals leaping out into the road ahead of me.  It has served me well during hundreds of miles of automobile driving, and over 100,000 miles of motorcycle riding.  I pray it continues….

This young buck was strolling through a field in the Sierra Nevada foothills in California early one morning.  He still had velvet on his antlers, which stands out with the strong sidelighting.  I was out for a stroll and was able to get a few good shots of him before he casually bounded away.  I love how the color of his coat so perfectly matches the dry oat grass.

He was a dear to pose for me.


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