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“There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow…”

That’s how the song from the musical “Oklahoma!” begins.  And it so aptly describes this image, which was taken in Tennessee, in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  You’d never know from looking at images like this that it’s America’s most visited National Park.  Even there it’s possible to get away from the crowds.  Getting up in the dark to go shooting is one way to do it.

On this particular morning, I was enjoying shooting the ground fog which was lingering and giving the landscape an incredible dream-like quality.  The ground fog had mostly lifted by the time the sun came up.  This image was made as soon as the sunlight struck this field, which took a bit longer since it’s at the bottom of a valley.

As the first golden rays of sun illuminated the trees and grass and fence posts, it was magical.  The soft sidelighting  really stands out on the fence posts and tree trunks.  And the dogwood blossoms seem to glow from within.  I softened this image to make it look like a painting.

In just a few minutes, the light became harsh and lost that soft golden glow that only comes right at sunrise.  But for images like this, I didn’t mind giving up a few hours of sleep.  It was indeed a beautiful morning.



  1. its beautiful 🙂

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