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This is the same barn that appeared in the third and fourth image in yesterday’s post.  I want to show you how it looked “in real life.”  You can see why I cropped out the pallet and the tire that are resting against the front of the building!  Not only are they unattractive, but they also add a modern element that doesn’t belong in an image designed to look old (even if it’s “fake-old”).





  1. but they do add to the composition

    • Hmmm, interesting point…I think add AND detract, Chuck. If I’m striving for a documentary or photojournalism image, then yes, the spare (tractor?) tire and pallet are an integral part of the image, and show a working farm that blends the old and the new. If I’m striving for an artsy or vintage look, then I would say the foreground clutter detracts from the image.

      I enjoy creating both types of images.

      RPRT Photo

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