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If the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, then don’t these speak volumes?  What else needs to be said about a pickup truck that’s so worn out that an old piece of rope replaces the door latch?

I love the textures in this image…the spider webs in the cracks…and the fact that this truck hasn’t been driven in so long that it literally has moss (more accurately, lichen) growing on it!

I’m tickled by the irony of windshield wipers without a windshield to wipe.

I find the assortment of colors on the body of the truck delightful, and the way the headlight rests on the other light below it (turn signal?  running light?) as if it were a statue on a pedestal.

This baby definitely has some hard miles on her!  And yet, to me she’s still a beauty.  Would you agree?


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