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Today I happened upon some old farm equipment.  Someone had thoughtfully lined a variety of machines along a country road, including several trucks which I’m saving for another post.  Other than the tractors, I’m not sure what the other things are, but I love the shapes they make against the grass.

The grasses happened to be bright Spring-green, but the toning of these images makes them appear very dry.  It accentuates their texture, and I think it goes well with the rusty metal of the old machinery, adding to the feel of things being “old and worn out.”

Some equipment is so symmetrical that it almost begs to be photographed head-on.  But one thing I like about this image is that the strong sidelighting gives each set of disks a completely different look, even though they’re identical.  All of these images were shot in the early evening.

One thing I love about the old machinery is the different patterns of the holes in the seats.  I can’t imagine spending an entire day in one of them, though…Ow!!!

Hint:  backlighting the seat really makes the hole patterns stand out.

One caution if you’re trying to get images with an “old-timey” feel:  beware of modern objects that sneak into your images!  See if you can spot the flaw in the image above.


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