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One of the things I’ve been playing with lately has been putting objects in the foreground of my sunset images to add depth and interest.  These two images were taken only a few feet from each other, and not more than 10 minutes apart, but each has a different feel.  The upper image, with its stronger reds, higher contrast, and containing both the sun and people, is more energetic, more lively. The lower image, taken only a few minutes later, with its softer colors and lower contrast, has a much calmer, serene feeling.

The next time you’re shooting a sunset, think about what you might want to put in the foreground of your image.  Trees, boats, people, a city skyline, a church steeple…the possibilities are almost infinite.  Take some images that contain the sun, and some that don’t.  Experiment with different lenses and see what happens…


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