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We’re back in the kitchen of the convent in Arequipa.  I enjoyed the patterns and textures of the dimly lit room.  Converting these images to B&W intensified the patterns of the light and shadow.

In the image above, I like how the arch of the wall echoes the arch of the oven.  I deliberately intensified the graininess to give this image an old feel.  I love the variety of shapes and textures of the stone, and the interplay of the curves and the sharp angles.  But you can see that most of the sharp angles have been rounded by over 400 years of constant use.

In the image below, more curves, more arches, more squares and rectangles, more light and shadow.  All three of these images were shot with only available light.  Using any flash, even dialing down the fill flash to its lowest setting (-2 stops on my camera, which is where it lives 99.9% of the time for those rare occasions that I do use flash) would have resulted in radically different, and I think much less dramatic images.  I love shooting with natural light!



  1. On a quick first glance, I thought this was a full moon rising over the steps, a rather titillating thought. Probably says something about how my mind works, or not.

    • Hi Gail,

      No, not much natural light of either the sun or moon variety makes its way into the cooking area of the convent. Being the cook in the convent isn’t a job I would’ve wanted. I’d much rather be the gardener!

      RPRT Photo

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