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RPRT Photo is taking a week off to brush up on computer skills and do some shooting out in the field.  I’ll return to regular posting by August 10th.

In the meantime, as I have time in between classroom sessions and field work, I’ll throw some thing up.  Like this cow that I shot this afternoon.  Generally speaking, shooting in dappled light conditions (mixed light and shadow) is a huge no-no, since the exposures are too far apart, and you wind up with either blown-out highlights or detail-less shadows, or even both.

But in this shot, even though the cow is in the sun (enough sun to cast a shadow on the grass), the evening light falling on her, filtered through oak leaves, is soft enough to get plenty of detail in her coat.  I generally begin shooting at minus 2/3rds of a stop as a starting point to ensure detail in my light objects, check my thumbnail and my histogram, and adjust accordingly to eliminate unwanted “blinkies.”  Minus 2/3rds was perfect for the body of this cow in this soft light.

I love her coloring.  (I’m a sucker for animals with “socks.”)  And the evening light just made her beautiful orange face glow with golden highlights.

And I also like the way her shadow on the grass accentuates the length and curve of her graceful horns.  Rules are made to be broken!


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