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The Santa Catalina Convent in Arequipa was founded in 1580.  It’s a spectacular place to wander through, from an architectural, historical, anthropological, and of course religious perspective.

I’m a sucker for dioramas, so of course I couldn’t resist The Last Supper.  I love the different expressions on the faces of the apostles.

The convent abounds with various small courtyards and passageways.  A tricky exposure here, but as I recall, they didn’t open to the public until 10 or 11 AM, at which time the mountain light is harsh and bright.  So please forgive my blown out highlights, and admire the architecture instead.

I’ve been to churches, shrines, chapels and cathedrals all over the world, from Rome and the Vatican, throughout Europe, the US, Mexico, etc.  Peru seems to have a penchant for the gory unrivaled by any of the 30 countries I’ve visited so far in my travels.

There are numerous intriguing doorways and passageways at the convent, and the combinations of colors and textures are almost innumerable.  I love seeing how the bricks have been worn by hundreds of years of foot traffic and rain.



  1. The photo of the colourful doorway is glorious – i would love to live in a hot, colourful country instead of grey old UK!

    • Thanks Marie,

      Arequipa is not particularly hot, since it’s at over 7,600′, but the days are warm, and it’s definitely colorful, as you can see. I’ll be posting more images of the convent over the next few days, so stay tuned….

      RPRT Photo

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