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At the Silverton Hillside Cemetery in Colorado, I was struck by this double headstone.  Two couples who shared a last name (brothers and their wives?) each had  infant sons, born 10 days apart, who died 11 days apart.  Coincidentally, each of the babies lived only 17 days.  What a tragedy for this family to bear!



  1. Many old Colorado cemeteries will have a loss of multiple children in a family, within days of each other –and if you will look I bet there will be more in that cemetery with similar dates ..indicative of an epidemic of flu or pneumonia.

    • Julie,

      Thanks for your note. You inspired me to do some more digging (sorry, bad pun) into the history of Hillside Cemetery in Silverton, CO. It turns out that the two deceased babies were cousins (which was my guess, that their fathers were brothers) and that they both perished from pneumonia (as you suggested). They died in late November and early December, when it would’ve already been quite cold and snowy in Silverton. The elevation of the cemetery is over 9,300′!


      Thanks again for your input.

      RPRT Photo

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