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After a journey of several hours, we finally pulled into the station in Silverton, Colorado.  Silverton is an old mining town that is now a ski resort in the winter and a wonderful destination year-round, whether you arrive by train or by car.  This was my first visit, but not my last.  I came by train, but I liked it so much and wanted to do more exploring, that I drove from Durango to Silverton the following day!

Silverton sits at over 9,000′ in a spectacular bowl of even higher mountains.  It has a very old-West feel.  Most of the buildings are wood and look like they belong in a movie set, and in fact parts of several movies were filmed here.

Since my stay was going to be so short (I had a train to catch to return to Durango) and the skies were still yucky for landscape shots, and it was mid-day and the light wasn’t great, I did what any good photographer would do under the same circumstances:  took myself out for lunch!  A buffalo burger and a brew were just what I needed to tide me over until dinner time in Durango.  Of course, at Handlebar’s Food & Saloon (THE place to eat in Silverton, at least on your first visit), you eat your buffalo burger while a stuffed buffalo head stares down at you menacingly.  And a moose.  And an elk.  And a number of other critters.  It’s enough to turn the faint-of-heart into vegetarians, at least for one meal.  But I wasn’t easily intimidated, and I enjoyed every bite of my burger and every sip of my beer before I had to high-tail it back to the station.

Tomorrow:  Return to Silverton.


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